The 7 Things You Need to Know When Getting Short-Term Car Insurance

Should I get gap coverage?

GAP coverage (short for guaranteed auto protection) is an optional policy that will pay off your loan in case of a total loss. While some people don’t need it, it can be a good idea if you have an older car with negative equity or you owe more than your car is worth. Just make sure you shop around for rates and that your lender approves it first, as not all lenders are on board with gap insurance.

Do I have time to shop around before buying a policy?

Before you buy insurance, make sure you have enough time before your current policy expires. Some insurers offer short-term policies that only last for a few weeks; others allow you to keep coverage for up to three months after your current policy expires. If you have time and want more options, consider shopping around for a more permanent solution. Ask friends or family members about their recommendations—or ask them if they know anyone who could help find an affordable option for you.


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