10 Ways to Pick the Perfect Life Insurance Beneficiary

5) Choose someone who will use the money wisely

Oftentimes, life insurance beneficiaries don’t need a lump sum of cash—in fact, many don’t have a need for any money from your policy. Rather than giving cash directly to family members or friends who may spend it on things you wouldn’t approve of, consider using your death benefit for something that will honor your memory. You can make donations in your name or use part of it to fund a charitable cause that you support.

6) Keep it simple and name one beneficiary per policy.

By naming just one person as your beneficiary, you ensure that, should something happen to you, there will be no need for any internal or external disputes over who gets what. Plus, if you designate multiple beneficiaries and something does happen, all of them will most likely get nothing. [2] If multiple people are named as beneficiaries on a life insurance policy, it’s not always clear who would be in line first if someone passes away.


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